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آمادگی برای استقلال کودک

Bachelor of

 Graphic Arts, Islamic Azad University of Tehran

Bachelor of

  Photography from the University of Art

Master of

 Graphic Arts, Al-Zahra University

Member of the specialized committee for textbook photos In The Educational Research and Planning Organization
(June 2015 to 2018)

Member of the editorial board of Roshd Art Education Magazine (June 2008 to 1397)

Member of the jury or selection committee of Roshd Photo Festival in several periods / (September 2010 – October 2014 – November 2016 and November 2016)

Member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (March 2010 –present)

Honorary Member of the Institute for the Development of Contemporary Visual Arts (August 2015-present)

Founder and CEO of Sepideh Sarzamin Aftab Cultural and Artistic Institute

Founder and director of Aftab Land School of Visual Arts for children and adolescents (03/2018-PRESENT)

Design and Art management in Office of Publishing and Educational Technology. (06/1996-6/2019)

Design of various publications and magazines including: Electronic Banking Magazine, Hudhud Magazine, Khoy Negar Magazine, Enthusiasm Magazine

Compilation and translation of photography education articles (6/1996-6/2019)

Graphic design and photographer of several volumes of books (Provinces of Iran and several stories) Mehrab Ghalam Publications (07/2011-12/2017)

Poster design Catalog design of Roshd Photo Festival
(two seasons) September 2008 & July 2016

Statue design for three festivals
Roshd Photo Contest, (08/2006)
Textbook Illustration Festival, (12/2004)
Educational Books Festival, (07/2000)

Teaching photography at the University of Arts (10/2006-02/2007)

Teaching photography in the office of educational aid publications (07/ 2011)

Teaching and Educational management of Kalam Mehr School Art

Winner of the second place in the cover design in the press festival (November 2007)
Nominated for Best Poster at Fajr Film Festival (February 2010)

Cultural Artistic Authorship and Translation
Author of dozens of articles on the history of art for adolescents in the Journal of Adolescent Development

Compiled and translated dozens of titles of photography education articles in the Art Education Magazine

Photography of the provinces of Iran, especially ancient buildings and their publication in magazines and books on Iranology